We are within sight of 2021, and with the development and rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, hope and relief are pushing us to a brighter future. While we wish we could just forget that 2020 ever happened, it’s important to reflect on the lessons learned during this dismal year. 

A Case Study of the Disconnect Between the Economy and Stock Market

One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in 2020 is that the economy may have hit the gutter, but the stock market reminded us that there is a bright future ahead. Many people correlate the economy with the market and even may use the terms interchangeably. But that’s not the case. The economy reflects what is happening in the present, while the stock market shows us what lives in the future. So even while the economy takes a downturn, the stock market highlights a brighter tomorrow. 

2020 served as a reminder of the importance of discipline, diversifying your portfolio, and staying invested while knowing it takes patience. 

Technology is Here to Stay

Even before the challenges of 2020 hit, we offered video conferencing services for our clients, but we rarely utilized it. Most clients preferred to meet in person. And then COVID-19 hit and we adopted social distancing and safety practices, moving in-person client meetings to virtual calls, and what we saw was an overwhelmingly positive and quick adoption of video conferencing by clients — even those who aren’t technologically savvy.

As we look to the future and the hopeful remediation of the coronavirus, we believe that video conferencing will remain a significant part of our daily operations. It’s proven to be valuable and convenient for clients, allowing them to cut commute times to our office, and giving them more time back in their day. 

Personal Highlights and Challenges

Both Jason and Andrew enjoyed the more simple things life had to offer in 2020. Both enjoyed more time at home with their children and spouses, while also trying to balance the separation of work time and personal time. 

Even though we were able to find bright spots in 2020, like most people, this year was a dumpster fire that we will be happy to see in our rearview. Like millions of people across the country, we’ve seen clients be furloughed this year and struggle with the uncertainty. It’s been difficult to know so many have lost their jobs and been strained financially or face serious health issues this year. 

Living through such darkness, we’ve tried to focus on gratitude and hopefulness. We’re grateful for the trust our clients have and their willingness to be coachable. And we’re hopeful for a brighter new year. 

Thank you to our clients for being on this rocky journey with us this year, and cheers to a hopeful 2021.