Who We Serve

Our clients are individuals and families looking for a partner to provide personalized, unbiased, and coordinated advice.

Trusted financial advisor for women in transition

Women In Transition

Many women face particularly daunting money challenges during periods of financial transition — marriage, divorce, job loss, retirement, sending kids off to college, and other changes to their own or their family’s financial circumstances.

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We help Family Stewards confidently navigate financial situations

Family Stewards

A Family Steward is someone whose most important goal in life is the well-being of his/her family. The Family Steward understands the peace of mind that comes with having a thoughtful, organized, and orderly financial life, especially in the event of his/her death.

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Experienced financial advisor for business leaders

Business Leaders

Entrepreneurs and business leaders often find that a major source of their compensation is derived from equity ownership of the enterprise in which they are involved. Compensation through ownership is a powerful tool to incentivize organization growth but it can also lead to complex questions regarding value and taxes.

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