Loss of Spouse

You built a life together. Raised a family. Planned a future. Then suddenly you’re on your own. Now what? The death of a spouse is difficult at best. Once the funeral ends and the visitors leave, the grief can be staggering. Moving on feels overwhelming, if not impossible. By using compassion and expertise, we are able to help you make sound financial decisions after your loved one’s death.


We advocate for your well-being. Our Fee-Only, comprehensive approach helps ensure that we are trusted advocates for our clients, helping protect them in potentially vulnerable times.


Working with Women in Transition has been a focus of ours for years. Jason has written extensively on the topic, and he has spoken nationally on the issues facing Women in Transition.


Knowledge is the key to gaining control of your financial life. We help women understand their current financial situation, define their values and goals, and create a plan to begin moving forward.


As a result of personal experience, Jason has a better understanding of Women in Transition than most advisors. Jason lost his father at an early age and was raised by his mother. As a result, he grew up witnessing the issues and obstacles his mother faced as a widow. We are here to help you plan your future and adjust to your new life with a sense of financial independence and well-being.


The emotions following a divorce can magnify the potential uncertainty of your financial position. Dozens of questions may arise such as:

  • How much should I spend each month?
  • Should I keep the house or sell?
  • Are my investments allocated appropriately?
  • How do I provide for the current and future needs of my children?
  • Do I have the right insurance coverage?
  • What are my options when claiming Social Security?

As a single earner there is a pull between the desire to be present with your family and the struggle of preserving and providing resources for the future. We come along side you as a partner to guide you through the financial decision-making and to provide the accountability to stay the course for the long term.

Why we focus on Women In Transition

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