You’d be surprised how often we speak with families who don’t know exactly what they’re invested in, how well or poorly those investments have been doing, and where their various assets are located. If you are in similar circumstances, don’t feel too bad, because it’s quite common. But do know that it doesn’t have to be this way.

To add uncommon insights into your wealth and your life, Hiley Hunt Wealth Management offers complimentary, no-obligation portfolio analyses.

When is the last time you or anyone else took a good, hard look at your current investments?

  • Performance – How much have you really earned over time, after the costs involved and in the face of the trading decisions you’ve made along the way?
  • Risk/Reward – How much market risk are you facing, knowingly or not? Is your risk exposure truly aligned with your need to earn risk-based returns?
  • Costs – What are the apparent and less apparent costs you’re incurring? (For holders of individual bonds, this is particularly important, as bond markup costs are especially opaque and often onerous.) Are comparable, quality investments available for less?
  • Tax Efficiency – Are your taxable and tax-sheltered assets ideally located for optimal tax efficiency?

At Hiley Hunt Wealth Management, we believe strongly that confident financial decisions are best made when we – and you – favor solid evidence over distracting emotions. Let us show you the evidence with a detailed portfolio analysis, so you can see the numbers for yourself, plainly and clearly.

If you are doing well, we will not hesitate to tell you so. If we see room for improvement, we won’t be shy about telling you that either – along with how we can assist should you wish to proceed.

Please contact us today to get started.