The way we view your investment experience is significantly different – in a good way – from what you typically find on Wall Street. Let me explain.

If you’ve ever gone river rafting, there’s one lesson you learn almost immediately. It’s tough to paddle upstream. Go with the flow, and you’ll find it much easier to steer around the obstacles and reach your destination. Plus, you get to enjoy more of the scenery along the way.

Your investment journey likewise is best made by observing the laws of financial nature. No doubt about it;  markets are a strong and wild force. A wise strategy for moving along your way is to harness that energy and direct it toward your personal goals, accepting what you cannot change and managing what you can. Try paddling upstream, and you’ll not only have to work very hard, but your efforts are likely to get you nowhere fast, stuck between a rock and a wet place.

To invest accordingly, three sensible steps serve as our guides:

  1. Planning – Before we embark, we plan. Where do you want to go? How far away is it? How much time have you got to get there? We put this plan in writing as your Investment Policy statement, to serve as your personalized map.
  2. Education – More than merely telling you what to do, we want to help you understand why you’re doing it, so you can proceed with confidence. Every step of the way, we take seriously our responsibility to offer clear explanations, in language that’s meaningful to you.
  3. Application – We also equip you for your financial journey with solutions that are right and fitting for you and your particular needs. In other words, we won’t pack a suitcase if you’re planning to go for a hike.

As your investment advisor and wealth manager, we see our role as that of experienced travel guide. We use deep discovery to help you properly plan, education to help you stay the course and sensible application to maximize your odds for success. Then we remain at your side, to make adjustments as needed along the way, equipping you with evidence-based investment strategy and manageable portfolio construction factors:

  • How much risk? Market risks and their commensurate expected rewards are out there, whether you’re using them or avoiding them. The trick is to ensure that your exposure to market risk and expected rewards is best aligned with your personal investment goals.
  • How much cost? By strictly managing for unnecessary expenses such as excess trading costs or burdensome taxable transactions, we help you maximize your net returns – the kind that remain in your pocket.
  • How much activity? Closely related to cost, there are actions you can take that will make a big difference toward achieving your financial goals. Then there are actions many investors take that at best have no effect and at worst become a costly drag on returns. We help you identify the difference between each, and act accordingly.

In short, at Hiley Hunt Wealth Management, we strive to make it easier for you to go with the flow of a successful investment strategy, guided by the straightforward essentials of sound investing and personalized care.

We would love to invite you to learn more about Hiley Hunt Wealth Management and who we serve in Omaha, NE –Financial Planning and Investment Management.