Looking for the perfect book for those lazy days on the beach this summer? Browse our recommendations below. 

Summer is in full swing, which means (hopefully) that many of us are taking time for some rest and relaxation. So whether you’re traveling, sitting on a beach somewhere, or just taking full advantage of your AC to beat the summer heat, we put together a recommended list of a few of our favorite reads.

Andrew’s Picks

The Bomber Mafia by Malcolm Gladwell

Historical non-fiction – A riveting account of the development of the strategy to win World War Two. A book so compelling, it is hard to believe that it is non-fiction. 

One Minute Out by Mark Greaney

Fiction – An action-adventure spy novel perfect for lazy summer fun. While on a mission to Croatia, Court Gentry uncovers a human trafficking operation. The trail leads from the Balkans all the way back to Hollywood. Court is determined to shut it down, but his CIA handlers have other plans. The criminal ringleader has actionable intelligence about a potentially devastating terrorist attack on the US. The CIA won’t move until they have that intel. It’s a moral balancing act with Court at the pivot point.

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

Autobiography – “Regardless of political affiliation, this book is a great reminder of the events surrounding the Great Financial Crisis, and the wars in the middle east. The narrative immediately transported me back to those heady days of the late 2010s.” – Andrew Hunt

Jason’s Picks

Think Again by Adam Grant (Non-fiction)

Non-fiction – A great book for today’s polarizing times. Grant is an organizational psychologist at Wharton who makes the case for the necessity of constantly rethinking what we already think we know. Our opinions and beliefs are so often formed with limited information making it necessary for us to constantly “think again” to help better inform our views with a more complete picture.

Belonging by Nora Krug

Graphic memoir – The author is a German citizen living in the US. Her parents were born shortly after the end of WWII, and this is her story of trying to reconcile the horrors of WWII and what role her family (grandparents and great aunts/uncles) may have played in the war. It is an interesting perspective on the war from a German descendant who has spent her entire life trying to come to grips with the horrible things that were done by the country she loves. It takes the reader through her research journey as she digs into her family’s past to find out who they really were. The book is also written in a very unique fashion, looking more like a scrapbook than a typical text.

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

Fiction – A fictional account of the life of a Russian aristocrat who is placed under house arrest for life in a Moscow hotel by the new Bolshevik ruling class. Jason states, “This book had wonderful character development and I found it to be a very unique story. One of my favorite fiction books in the past couple of years.”

There you have it — Andrew and Jason’s recommendations to get your nose in a book (or two) this summer. At Hiley Hunt Wealth Management, we never stop learning and growing. Life is fluid and there are endless opportunities to learn and develop. The same applies to investing and financial management. If you’d like guidance in this area, we’re here to help. Contact us to set up a call to discuss your needs. 

We wish you a safe and fun summer!