Like the rest of the country, our lives at Hiley Hunt Wealth Management have shifted from the weight of COVID-19. Our office doors have closed and we are working remotely from our homes like so many others across the country. While being confined inside, we are grateful for the technology that allows us to continue to provide excellent service and communication to our clients, and stay abreast of the financial impact of the coronavirus. 

We wanted to give you an update on how we are functioning now that COVID-19 restrictions are being felt by everyone in the Omaha community. 


Life at the Hiley Office

Jason has been enjoying the view of the walking trail around Memorial Park from his home office, and shares his workday with his wife, Susie, who continues to assist in her capacity at Hiley Hunt Wealth Management, along with her mindfulness initiatives with schools and other organizations around Omaha. His children, Carter (age 12) and Elena (age 10), have transitioned to e-learning as they wrap up sixth grade and fourth grade. Willow, their 10-month-old bichon puppy brings a level of entertainment during this quarantine time, and can sometimes be heard on calls with clients!

While Jason and his family adjust to a new normal, some of the highlights of working from home are family lunches, tennis breaks in the driveway, and walks around the neighborhood with his wife once the markets close.


A New “Coworker” in the Hunt Office

Andrew’s home office is set up perfectly to support his work, complete with an extra monitor and comfortable chair. But, given that his wife, Liz, is also working from home, she has laid claim to that location. Instead, Andrew has settled into the dining room table, working from his laptop, but finding the silver lining in all the natural sunlight coming through the bay windows. 

Parents to an almost-two-year old, The Hunts are fortunate in that their childcare has not been affected. Grandma lives just a few blocks away, so Landry has been able to continue her routine by having grandma watch her during the workday. As anyone with toddlers at home can attest, work would be nearly impossible to get done with a little one running around. 


Technology Keeps Us Connected

Even though our work environment looks a little different these days, we both agree that technology is what empowers us to be able to stay up to date on the news, the economic environment, and manage the portfolios of our clients. Just a handful of years ago it would have been so much more difficult to provide seamless service to our clients in this type of situation. With the advent of accessible and affordable video conference technology, many of our clients might not even notice that we are not in the physical office! 

While technology has been an incredible resource for our business, we both miss the in-person meetings with clients that we look forward to resuming again when it is safe to do so. Until then, we are always available via phone, email, or video conference. Stay safe and be well!