It’s impossible to generalize an entire gender’s needs. Still, it’s safe to say that, generally speaking, women’s needs and goals differ from their male counterparts. 

Focusing on advising women at Hiley Hunt Wealth Management, we understand the challenges and opportunities for women to invest in their financial future. 

Here are some factors we consider when advising our female clients.

Their unique investment style

Women are focused on the long-term, which is ideal for wealth management and investing. They are focused on maintaining their wealth and investing for long-term goals such as retirement. Women tend to be more conservative with their investing than men and feel less confident when investing. 

The good news is that female investors are excited to learn more. They seek education about investing and wealth management. At Hiley Hunt, our goal is to be an advisor who partners with our clients to help them understand their financial decisions and help them reach their goals. 

Women’s decision-making power

Single or partnered, women make 90% of household financial decisions. This extends beyond the day-to-day decisions such as grocery buying. When properly informed, women are comfortable making their own decisions about their financial management. Being open to collaboration and confident in that decision-making power makes us excited about working with female clients. 

Their communication preferences

There’s ample opportunity for female investors to communicate more frequently with their advisors. In a survey by Accenture, only 35% of women talk to their advisor quarterly or more about retirement planning or to see if their goals are on track. At Hiley Hunt, we strive to have open and regular communication with our clients to ensure they have the education they desire to help them make decisions to reach their goals. We understand that not all women have the same investment goals or life trajectories. Taking into account where each woman is at in her life and where she wants to be, helps us develop plans and portfolio guidance specific to each client. 

No matter what drives women to invest, we’re here to help. Female investors are rising, and we’re excited to see them succeed. Women in transition are the focus of Hiley Hunt Wealth Management. Taking an advisory approach to help women understand their finances and create a plan to meet their goals, we understand their unique life challenges and opportunities. Contact us today if you’re ready for financial guidance to help you meet your goals.