As financial advisors, we will shout from the rooftops the importance of investing as early as possible. But we also understand life circumstances don’t always make that a simple task.

In your 20s, you’re working your way out of college, often with a lump of debt. Your first thought isn’t likely to start putting your money into an investment vehicle. 

And by the time you reach your 30s, it seems like life is really picking up its pace. This period of your life is often filled with significant and expensive life events such as getting married, buying a house, and starting a family. 


Prioritizing Your Goals

In your 30s, you’re likely settling into your career and earning more money than in your 20s. Your 30s require a delicate balance of investing for your future and holding onto your cash for current life events. You must determine what you need now and what can be invested later.

To do this, you have to identify your goals. For many people, financial goals can be divided into these general categories:


  1. Take care of your immediate needs first — these are your daily recurring expenses, such as food, housing, clothing, and transportation. An emergency fund should cover at least six months of these costs.
  2. Ensure your family’s needs are met — in the event of your death, you want to ensure your family will be taken care of and have access to the wealth you’ve accumulated. This is done by completing a will and trust and purchasing life insurance.
  3. Invest for your future — Saving for retirement with your employer’s 401(k) or IRA and your children’s college funds are important investments
  4. Plan for significant events — Want to take a family vacation? Buy a house? Purchase a new car? These are major purchases that need to be saved for.
  5. Finding the Right Advisor


When you sit down and decide on what goals you want to save for, it can be overwhelming to determine how you can reach those goals. The role of a financial advisor or wealth manager is to help you create an investment strategy that works for your current situation. As time progresses and your life events fluctuate, your advisor will recommend new strategies to keep you on target. 

At Hiley Hunt, our clients are individuals and families looking for a partner to provide personalized, unbiased, and coordinated advice. If you’re new to investing or are looking for a new partner to help you reach your financial goals, we’d love to chat with you